Uniting Musicians With Their Fans

The digital age has caused problems to both musicians and their fans. Safe-Xchange has some answers.

We have developed a Digital Record Album that has songs, videos, a store for selling music and physical goods, an event calendar with ways to buy tickets, a whole panel of liner notes that goes way beyond vinyl record albums, social networking connections, ways for fans to get on the artist’s email list, live streaming, and many other things. It's a great app!

We are also working on an app that will help musicians stay in touch with their fans by means of social networking. We will make this so that each musician can broadcast what they are doing using every social network quickly and easily.

300 million people share files every month. Studies show that file sharers buy 30-35% more music than other internet users. Would you like to sell to them? The Safe-Xchange app gives you a great way to turn them into your best fans.

We also offer affiliate options. If you are interested in bringing bands to Safe-Xchange, please contact us.

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