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Most blog posts are an expression of someone’s ideas or point of view. This one is different. I’m going to lay out the current design for the Safe-Xchange app, but my goal is to get feedback and ideas from artists- musicians, songwriters, filmmakers- on how we can help you turn pirates (file sharers) into fans and paying customers. Please use the comment section below, or, if you would rather keep your ideas more private, click here and fill out our Contact Form.

The basic idea of the Safe-Xchange app is very simple. The app must be a way that musicians and filmmakers can connect with file sharers. The app has to run on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhones, iPads, and Androids, and, at a minimum, it needs to:

  • Play your music
  • Play your videos
  • Sell tracks
  • Sell EPs
  • Sell CDs, DVD, vinyl, and other physical goods
  • Sell ringtones
  • Show your schedule and tour dates
  • Sell tickets to events
  • Gather email addresses
  • Display and get revenue from ads from 3rd parties
  • Do social networking including Google Hangouts
  • Show your Twitter feed and YouTube channel
  • Be distributed on the file-sharing networks
  • Allow you to connect directly with your fans
  • People most commonly do searches on the P2P networks with the name of the artist or the track they are looking for. For well known artists having their own app will work very well. For artists who have not yet become quite as well known, there are a number of approaches. We can put out genre-specific apps, or we can put out apps that allow the listeners to pick a genre- Spotify for the P2Ps. Most likely we’ll try both approaches.

    Will that work for you? How would you enhance these ideas? Let me know. We’re about to start raising money to build the app, and I want to make sure we’ve got the best possible way to bring you more fans and more revenue.

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