About the Company


The music world has changed drastically in the last 30 years, with musicians, songwriters, and composers getting less and less money for their work. Our focus is on making connections with fans and musicians, songwriters, and composers rather than with the major record labels, Spotify, Apple, Google, etc.


Safe-Xchange was started in 2007 as Divvycast, LLC. The original goal was to use MySpace to connect bands with their fans, which is the same goal (with a much broader reach) that we have today. We changed our name in 2011 realizing that that musicians, composers and songwriters wanted to connect with the P2P users, but they were going to want to be sure it was safe. We we have developed a number of tools including a digital record album.

Founder- Tom Jeffries, CEO and CTO

Mr. Jeffries spent 15 years as a professional trumpet player including stints as principal trumpet with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the San Jose Symphony. He recorded with Luciano Pavarotti and Dave Brubeck, was on the soundtrack to many Charlie Brown TV shows, and got a solo bow in Lincoln Center from Aaron Copland.

In 1984 Tom transitioned into technology, first as a software engineer and later as founder of Singing Electrons, Inc., Divvycast, Blaze Audio, and Industrial Audio Software. Those companies have done work for AT&T, Acer, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Logitech, Miami Children's Museum, Motorola, NASA, Philips, Samsung, Waves, Yahoo, and many other companies

Tom's commitment to finding ways to bring file sharers and musicians together began in 2000, when Napster was in its heyday. His son told him that he bought more music because Napster gave him the opportunity to choose the music he liked rather than the pretty packages that music stores were selling. Since then he has been involved in many efforts to turn the 300 million people who use the file sharing networks every month into revenue streams for musicians and film makers. Safe-Xchange brings together all the successes that he has seen in a new way with greater potential than anything that has happened in the past.


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Employment Opportunities

Safe-Xchange is currently looking for experienced developers to expand the Safe-Xchange app and website, marketing people, and for tech savvy street team members who would like to help us spread the word. Click here to send us a message if you have the skills and dedication needed to revolutionize the music world!