File Sharing on the P2P Networks

The Record Industry calls file sharers "pirates". The dictionary defines a pirate as: "A person who attacks and robs ships at sea.". Are you a pirate? Of course not! You love your bands, and we can help you support them!

Have you ever wished you could really connect with the artists who bring you the music you love? Have you ever wished the money you spend on music went to the creators, not the major record label or Spotify or Apple or Google? That's what Safe-Xchange is all about.

We build 100% legal, downloadable apps that are distributed on the peer to peer (P2P) networks to people who like music and like to share files. The apps include virus-free music, video, and ways for you to connect with the artists - dates and locations of performances, ways to buy tickets, ways to buy physical goods, ways to connect via social networks.

Let's take artistry out of the hands of the big studios
and put it in the hands of the fans!


Michel Bauwens is one of the visionaries of peer to peer politics. This is a brief introduction to his approach.

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The Foundation for P2P Alternatives, a worthwhile resource for everything involving P2P and open culture.

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