Safe-Xchange Apps

Digital Record Albums

We've developed a Digital Record Album that has much more than vinyl record albums- songs, videos, liner notes, stores, event calendars with ways to sell tickets, ways to connect with your fans using social networking, ways for fans to get on the artist’s email list, and ways that fans can donate to the artist.

50 Platinum Classics App

MemoMedia has some great packages of classical music. This app shows off their 50 Platinum Classics package. The two main revenue models for this app are selling all 50 of the Platinum Classics and collecting email addresses in exchange for a free track. The app also includes social networking links and the option of attending a Google Plus hangout with the conductor. Three of the 50 Platinum Classics are included in the app with videos of the region where they were composed. Info buttons allow the user to look each piece up on Wikipedia.